The Little House

Stone & Acre X Reclaimed Space

We are so excited to announce our partnership with Reclaimed Space on a very exciting and unique project – The Little House.

This project has been a dream of both companies for quite some time, and continues Reclaimed Space’s tradition of offering small homes, hand-crafted from reclaimed materials.

In their open-air warehouse in Lockhart, Texas, Reclaimed Space builds sustainable, modular living spaces from materials meticulously procured from historic barns and homes across the country. After completion, each space is shipped to its final destination. Typically, their builds are similar in shape and design. But, through this partnership, we are bringing a little bit of our own sprit and knowledge of current trends to the project, offering a fresh take on the already timeless Reclaimed Space product.

The Little House was inspired by our love for land and old farmhouses. We admire the simplicity of architecture, but even more the simplicity of the lifestyle that was typical on old Texas farms. As a nod to a slower, simpler time, the space will be only 448 square feet, but will be beautiful and functional in design.

This Little House will be a clean, white canvas, clad in materials reclaimed from a whiskey refinery built in the 1830's in Rumsey, Kentucky. It was massive, built with 12"x12" pine post, 2" thick oak floors, and 2"x12" cypress beams, rafters, and framing. It was taken down and re-built as a grain storage barn outside Rumsey in the 1870's where it stood until 2017. It became outdated, unsafe, and needed to be replaced, or as we like to say, it needed to be de-constructed. We love that these materials carry with them so much history from days gone by.

Rumsey Barn 1
Rumsey Barn 2
Rumsey Barn 3
Rumsey Barn 4
Rumsey Barn 5

It is our pleasure to partner with Reclaimed Space in taking a little piece of the past and transforming it into a modern, small space. Stay tuned for photos and progress of the design/build process.

To learn more about Reclaimed Space, visit We can’t wait to show you how The Little House is coming along.

Simple Farmhouse Design | White Exterior and Interior Finishes | Gabled Roof Design | 448 Square Feet | One Bedroom/One Bath + Loft | Sleeps 8 | For Sale: $125,000