Meet the Stone & Acre Team: Katrina Warren

I started my journey in real estate from the moment I was born. I have had the blessing of not only growing up with 23 aunties and uncles and 90 first cousins (yes it really is true), but I was raised on a 650-acre ranch in Northern California’s Mendocino County. From as far back as I can remember, I was taught to love and respect the land and all the abundances that it has to give. From providing us with beautiful gardens to eat from, wood to build our house and even the ability to create a family wine business. My father, Jim Fetzer, has shared with me and my siblings the blessing of hard work and connection to the earth.

I came home from the hospital to my first home built by my father with his own two hands. While some may not have called that home perfect, it was to me. This connection to my first home, is what makes me so excited about being in the real estate industry. Being able to connect with a place that will impact you for years to come, and be the place where your memories are made is truly special.

When I was 19 years old I moved to San Francisco. I remember asking my mom, why rent when I would pay the same per month to buy. At that time rents were very high in the city. So at 19 years old, I purchased my first home. It was an 850-sq. ft. apartment on the seventh floor of a building looking to downtown San Francisco. Being on my own and having my own space is a memory I will never forget. My first home. That experience shaped me beyond belief and solidified my deep love for real estate.

During my time in San Francisco I was fortunate to split my time between there and my family’s ranch when working for the family business at Ceago Vinegarden. I truly had the best of both worlds. I enjoyed the benefits of city life, while also “grocery shopping” on the ranch garden before heading home to San Francisco. I would load my car with an abundance of vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers, fresh pressed olive oil and of course wine. Seeing the benefits of both ways of life and how owning real estate makes both possible is incredible. I was sold. I knew then that I loved owning property and had high hopes of owning more.

In the next chapter of my life, I met a wonderful Texan and fell in love. I experienced first hand the benefit that investing in real estate can bring. Fifteen years in San Francisco gave me the financial opportunity to find the perfect home for myself, husband, two kids and our Rhodesian Ridgeback here in central Austin.

We bought a home in Travis Heights, one of Central Austin’s best neighborhoods. Coming from 15 years in downtown San Francisco, this was a perfect fit for me. I remember writing my checklist of things that I “needed” in my neighborhood. Walkability to shops and restaurants, access to downtown in under five minutes, parks for my kids to play at and large beautiful trees. I found all of that and more.  

I was not sure how “Texan” I could become, being a California girl. But I am in love with Austin. It is a magical city with the water running through. I love seeing people out exercising, eating, shopping and enjoying each other.  I used to drive around San Francisco looking at all the beautiful homes and architecture. I find myself doing the same here. I love each neighborhood and the different energy it brings. I cannot see myself anywhere else. Now that I am a Realtor, I get the pleasure of not only driving by all the homes, but I have the opportunity to share them. One of my favorite aspects of my job is helping the buyer or seller see the greatest potential in the property.

When we moved to Austin, Lindsay was our Broker. Her ease combined with the entire process being seamless and fun created a friendship that has now blossomed into being proud to call her my boss. The philosophy of working as a team and in a collaborative effort is one that goes right back to how I was raised. Working with Lindsay at Stone & Acre, I feel right at home.