Meet the Stone & Acre Team: Britney Yerby

I am thrilled to have joined Stone & Acre Real Estate. Real Estate is so much bigger than buying and selling homes to me, and here is what I mean. I see every transaction as a life-changing experience for our clients - be it one that fills them with joy, sadness, excitement or potential. And I take that very seriously.

The path that got me to real estate is one that has served me so well. When I was only 20 years old, I took a job at the largest advertising agency in my college town. At the time, proofs were still being driven or mailed to the client, so I’d leave school every day and head to my job. There I’d run proofs all over town collecting changes and edits from our clients, to turn around and take them back to the art department where those changes would be implemented. I’d also sit for hours studying and clipping the advertisements our company had created out of all the dailies that came to the office. I learned so much about what marketing and advertising is and the details, hours and planning that go into a good campaign.

I graduated from college and found my way to Austin where I took my first job at a highly regarded public relations firm where I had interned one summer. I’ll never forget my first day driving downtown and taking a ride up to the top of the building to arrive at my fancy new office that overlooked Congress Avenue and the Capitol. I felt like I had arrived! PR is a very exciting and adventurous line of work, and at that job I really got to know Austin and worked with may local companies and non-profits.  I also saw for the first time many women owning and running successful companies.  That experience was a true gift. But something was missing for me. I remember calling my dad in tears after a long, long day at work and telling him I wanted to return to college and get a degree in interior design. My dad, being the risk-taker and entrepreneur he is, said “Well then pack up your bags and do it”. It was a scary proposition for me and I couldn’t let go of my current job and adorable home in Tarrytown, and all my friends to make the leap. But I knew someday, I wanted to do something that dealt with people’s homes and making them beautiful and bringing them to their full potential.

I continued my career in PR, marketing and advertising and went to work for the Lance Armstrong Foundation as the LIVESTRONG™ campaign was kicking off. My boss called to hire me from a street corner in New York City outside the office of the agency that was helping the foundation navigate the LIVESTRONG™ campaign launch, Lance’s success and the money that was flowing into the Foundation at the time. I could have never imagined all that I would manage, learn and experience at that job. I was responsible for any and every piece of collateral that was produced and left the Foundation – all the way from our annual report to marketing pieces and invitations to the every single sign or piece of event collateral we used for our fundraising and cycling events. The work was intense but again, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The creative department consisted of my wonderful boss, myself and my dear friend, our graphic designer and a couple of interns. We worked tirelessly but really learned the process.  I’ll never forget when my boss walked up to my desk in 2005 and said “I’m going to France for the Tour, handle any media that calls”.  She handed me a list of talking points and was off. That happened to be the year that Lance won his 7th consecutive tour. And boy did the media call. I kept a notebook of folks I talked to and did interviews with. I still love looking through that notebook and remembering the excitement of picking up the phone and the New York Times being on the other end.

From the Lance Armstrong Foundation, I was recruited to Razorfish, one of the world’s largest interactive agencies. There I learned what very large-scale campaigns are made of. I worked on a team of about 15, and with several other agencies to produce advertising for AT&T. It was an incredible job and opportunity, but something inside me still wasn’t being fulfilled. The idea of real estate had started to enter my mind, but it was such a leap and again, I wasn’t able to leave a well-paid job and start something completely unknown and new.

And that’s when I met Lindsay. We were at a friend’s birthday gathering and she was seated next to me. I heard her talking to some of the women at the table about all the exciting real estate transactions she had been working on. My ears perked up and I quietly mentioned to her that I might be interested in the business. The rest really is history. From that moment in 2009 and on, she became a mentor and a dear friend. I have worked with Lindsay over the years in real estate, but it wasn’t until this year that our synergy was really brought to its full potential. When she told me about her idea to leave one of the cities most prestigious firms to start her own brokerage, I was filled with ideas and excitement. I could see the energy in her smile and could hear the enthusiasm in her voice. I knew we were embarking on something big. Something way bigger than just selling homes.

My time at Stone & Acre has been just as I expected – fast -paced, full of opportunity and growth and chock-full of potential. I’m beyond excited about the team she has put together for this endeavor. We all bring our own level of expertise spanning several areas of business, and work so well together. I am so honored and proud to be part of it. I simply cannot wait to see what the future holds for our company and for our clients. I really believe the sky is the limit!