5 Reasons to Just Go For It


1. There’s never a perfect time: You can go on and on about why it’s not a good time to start something new or to take a risk but honestly, there will never be a perfect time. You have to just go for it! Who knows what tomorrow brings right? If you really want to start a new venture why wait for the “perfect” time when the perfect time is now.  “the best time to plant a tree is today or 20 years ago”

2. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing: This is huge. If you’re starting a business, or coming up with a new venture and you feel like you have to quit your day job right away, this isn’t the case. Work smarter, not harder. Find out the things that absolutely need to be done and focus on those instead of getting too far ahead of yourself.  I find that if you make a to-do list, start with 6 tasks. Always list the things you least want to do first and work from there. Working through and finishing the first few tasks increases your satisfaction more than happy hour! Procrastination can make you feel like world is against you. Grab a journal and a calendar. Never underestimate the power of writing down your tasks/thoughts. Hang that bad boy up on your fridge so you can actually see your daily goals.  It’s amazing how things will shift!

3. If you do what you love you have a better chance at success: It’s hard for anyone to succeed at a job or career when their heart isn’t in it.. I look at it like a relationship. If you are with someone you aren’t fully into do you think you’re going to be a good partner? Not even close.. Do what you love and nurture that something until the cows come home.  And they will come!

4. Because who cares what people think: Everyone cares what others say.. At least a little bit. No matter how smart you are, how funny you are or how pretty you are.. You will always find that negative person who will try to steal your sunshine, but you know what? Say bye to the haters! Don’t let the fear of what others say or think say hold you back. You deserve to follow your dreams.

5. You only get one life: Whatever it is you have been wanting to do and are waiting to do, just do it. Life really is too short to keep waiting. You don’t want to look back one day and regret staying in a rut when you could be nurturing your dreams. I know it seems tough, and it probably will be .. But if you truly want to do something and have a passion for it stop waiting. Trust me, it will be worth it in the end. I find that when you take steps towards your dreams, the universe moves mountains by putting people in your path to help you succeed.

What is it you want to do and are holding back on? Why are you holding back? Comment below and let me know. I hope this post gives you the jump start you needed to get going. You’ve got this!